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Project Description
A Visual Studio 2010 project template for an ASP.NET Web Forms C# Web Application based on the boilerplate from

In addition to the HTML5 Boilerplate contents the project template also includes the following:
  1. Custom base classes for Master, Page and UserControl classes in the "Code" directory.
  2. A masterpage, "Site.Master". Most of the HTML5 Boilerplate "index.html" is in here. In addition there is also a ScriptManager.
  3. An Theme folder called Default and a web.config setting to use this Theme. The HTML5 Boilerplate "style.css" file resides in this theme.
  4. An "error.html" file, inspired by the "404.html" file in the HTML5 Boilerplate contents and web.config settings where "error.html" is set as generic error page, and "404.html" is set for 404 errors.
  5. Setting in web.config that turns of the autoeventwireup feature of ASP.NET as suggested in "Ultra-fast ASP.NET". For example, this means that the base classes "OnLoad" method should be overridden instead of implementing a method called "Page_Load". The same goes for other page life-cycle events that ASP.NET normally wires up to methods named "Pagexxx". It's important to always call the base implementation in these overrides._
  6. Commented stubs in web.config to easily include connectionstrings, authentication, membership, profile and roleManager sections.
  7. jQuery 1.7.1. Full, minified and vsdoc version. Instead of jQuery 1.6.2.

In difference to the HTML5 Boilerplate contents the project template does not include the following:
  1. The build folder from HTML5 Boilerplate as it is not suggested to "build" this way for ASP.NET projects. Another approach for accomplishing these things (such as minifying and combining script files) needs to be investigated. Any input and contributions on this are most welcome.

In addition to the project template the template package includes the following item templates:
  1. Item template for additional content pages, that gives you the stub of an OnLoad override and inherits the custom Page base class in the "Code" directory.

For any questions about the HTML5 Boilerplate project, please visit

For any feedback on the Visual Studio template, please post here:

How to install
Copy the contents of the extracted folder to C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates. You can then access the project template from the "New Project..." dialogue in Visual Studio. In addition to the project template there is also an Item Template for additional content pages you add to the site.

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